Alison Goodfellow – Project Manager
I joined the centre in December 2013. I've been project manager here since the beginning of last year and prior to that I was the project administrator. The project is exciting, challenging and importantly to me the most worthwhile job I have ever had. I have had many different jobs over the last twenty five years since I graduated from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh with a degree in Dietetics. I’ve been a Market Data Controller, an Investment Trust Manager, Book-keeper, Administrator and Fees manager.

We are a hardworking, dedicated team of staff and volunteers that are completely committed to improving the quality of life for our local community. We work tirelessly to combat social exclusion, poverty, disadvantage and discrimination.

In my time at the centre I have been privileged to watch our ambitious community garden project completely rejuvenate the yard at the back on the centre into a green oasis. The benefits and impact of the garden project on the community for everyone involved has been overwhelming. It has provided a nurturing, peaceful and healthy space for our community to use and adapt. I feel very privileged to be part of the MAXwell team.

Jenni Christieson – Support Worker
My time working at the Maxwell Centre began after I graduated with a BA in Social Science in 2018. I wanted to work in a community-based project and the Centre seemed a great place to do this. I love it here, the atmosphere and the people I get to meet. My job is to provide support to those who come to the Centre for a foodbank referral, connecting them to the services and support best suited to their needs. I also love to join in with the Tend and Share cooking group when I can!

Manuela De los Rios – Garden Mentor
I was thrilled to find the Maxwell Centre’s community garden right in my neighbourhood. It really makes a difference to people’s everyday lives, connecting them with nature, food growing and healthy habits. I love seeing how people feel welcome and thrive thanks to well-designed services and the staff and volunteer’s caring and respectful attitude.

I have over 12 years experience of supporting charities on community projects that improve the environment and people’s well-being through communications, art and action. My background is in environmental conservation and marine science with a masters in Environmental Education and in Coastal Zone Management.

After volunteering for a few months I’m excited to have taken on this role and make sure the green “heart” of the Hilltown keeps beating!

Lisa Forbes – Sessional Youth Worker

Dannielle Kidd – Youth Worker
I have a BSc in Food, Nutrition and Health. During a placement with Barnardos Growing Up Project I was introduced to The MAXwell Centre in 2014 and discovered that I loved gardening. I originally volunteered for the centre then I was offered my current position.

I work Monday-Thursday, working with the 4 local primary schools during term time - planning, growing and maintaining their plots, after school I work with young people during our After School Club and on a one to one basis. During school holidays I organise and run our award winning Garden Club!


Vaso Makri – Tend and Share Project Leader / Youth Worker
Hi all! I am Vaso Makri, the "Tend and Share" project leader.

My academic background is in sustainable development (two BScs and an MA) and for the last seven years I have volunteered and worked as a fundraiser and as a field worker in wildlife rehabilitation centres, environmental maintenance and organic farms in Greece and Belgium and lately in the UK. I arrived at the MAXwell Centre as a volunteer in 2016 and since then I have worked as an assistant gardener, a youth worker providing environmental education to schools and currently run a very exciting project on food poverty called "Tend and Share". I am now researching into the possibility for the implementation of a circular economy model in the local area.

In the "Tend and Share" we show how to use the fantastic produce from the garden to create cheap and healthy recipes available to all (you can find the recipes on Facebook on "Tend and Share- MAXwell Centre"). We also place importance on reducing food waste in the local community by processing and storing food properly, asking from local food shops to donate their extra produce and working in partnership with other community gardens that can also donate their extra produce. Lastly, we support our local Coldside market by introducing our participants to shop-owners and buying anything we need for the workshops from them.
The participants gain excellent culinary skills as well as REHIS certificates and Adult Achievement Awards that increase their employability skills.

After running for two years, the project is now thriving with a full house of participants that create their own fantastic recipes like Moya's chilli jam and George's chocolate cake.

If you would like to join us in a workshop, cook and have lunch with us in the garden, meet the local shop-owners or just take a looksie, come by the MAXwell Centre every Tuesday 12-2 PM and ask for Vaso.

Last updated - July 2019

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