Over the last years our project has won prestigious awards and our work has been showcased across Scotland. This recognises the value and impact of the project and acknowledges the skill and expertise in delivering it:

  • We are proudly keeping  “outstanding” category for our Community Garden from It’s your Neighbourhood – Keep Scotland Beautiful award. With a special mention from the judge “You have developed a Centre of Excellence, so continue to share your knowledge, skills and experience with others trying to achieve similar outcomes.”
  • Bonnie Dundee (City Category) achieved a Gold Award in 2021. and  we had a mention in the overall feedback from the judges “The very successful Maxwell Centre continues to attract and support young people and adults, from a diverse community, with food growing and other activities.
  • In 2021, we received a Horticultural Group Award from The Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society – The Caley as a recognition to our community work
  • In October 2019 we won the Britain in Bloom award for Involving Children and young people.
  • Every year we were awarded the highest category possible of ‘Outstanding with distinction’ for our community garden project by Keep Scotland Beautiful – It’s your neighbourhood awards. In 2019 the judges described our garden as ‘ one of the best community gardens in Scotland
  • In 2017 we received the Volunteer Friendly Award from Volunteer Dundee and in September 2019 we committed to the Recovery Friendly Dundee pledge.
  • Nourish Scotland feature our work as an example of good practice in their report 2018 ‘Dignity in Practice  – Learning, tools and guidance for community providers’ This is what it said:

Tend and Share’ built on the centre’s already successful community garden to support people experiencing food insecurity to become more independent in relation to food availability and to promote self-esteem, skills and dignity

  • Our Project Coordinator was on a panel at the recent Menu for Change National Conference showcasing our good particle in supporting local community members suffering acute food insecurity to access alternatives to emergency food aid.
  • In 2014,  we received the SURF (Scotland’s Independent Regeneration Network) award for Infrastructure and Social Benefit, ‘Spirit of the Community Award’, and ‘It’s Your Community’ award

Shona Robson our local MSP is a regular visitor – Shona commented;

Very impressed by my recent visit to The MAXwell Centre to see the work being done to engage residents in Coldside and Hilltown activities. Since its opening the centre has gone from strength to strength and all credit must go to the hard work and dedication of all those involved in making it a truly invaluable hub for the local community

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