Nicola Dobson – Chair

I've had a thirty five year career in the energy industry, enjoyed some wonderful opportunities and achieved things I never dreamed of when I started out. During this time I've been an operations manager and project manager, working on a wide range of projects and technologies. I joined the MAXwell Centre board in late 2013 and have loved every minute of it. I currently work for Scottish Government as a Programme Manager.

There are a number of reasons I love working with the MAXwell Centre – feeling that I'm part of something that's making a difference; working with the other board members, staff and volunteers; seeing people come in and benefit from the services we offer. The part that really gives me a buzz though is when I'm in the Centre and especially in the garden and seeing the energy of it all, that's what does it for me!


Andrew Kirk – Vice Chair

Hello, my name is Andrew and I have been a volunteer at The Maxwell Centre since October 2016. I am also a member of the Board of Directors and have been so for around 3 and a half years. I have a background in Social Work, Catering and I.T. and all three come in very handy here. Since I have been here I have seen the centre, most noticeably the Community Garden grow in stature every year and it is a wonderful place to work and volunteer and I can see myself being here for many years to come.




Iain Waghorn – Secretary
My first encounter with the MAXwell Centre was as a mentor to the then project manager. It turned out she did not need a Mentor, having all of the necessary skills and support, but she did need a board member and twisted my arm to join. That was nine years ago and I have enjoyed various roles on the board since.

Having a business background enables me to examine closely the relationship between costs and funding: which is very useful in planning. I am currently involved with two businesses in the medical and health industries giving me some insight into the obligations of the board from a legal and governance point of view.

I like to think of myself as a "plucky trier" never willingly ready to give up!


Murray Webster – Treasurer

I have been involved with the MAXwell Centre since returning to Dundee in early 1995. During this time I have been a client, a customer. I became involved in the management of the Centre. During my time on the Board I have been Secretary, Vice Chair, Chair and am currently Treasurer.

Since starting my involvement with the Centre there have been many changes, including the move to our present location. This has allowed us to develop new services and of course now have an award winning community garden.

I am involved in a number of groups within Coldside Ward including the Regeneration Forum and the Coldside Forum. I am a great believer in community empowerment and local people being involved in running local services.

I currently work at the Grey Lodge Settlement as a part time coordinator for an intergenerational project working across the city. My hobbies include watching films, sport, listening to music and reading.


Marnie Faulkner – Trustee

Drawn to Character Animation from an early age I studied BA (Hons) Computer Arts and Professional Masters in Games Development at Abertay University. Along with 4 other developers, I founded my own company; Future Fossil Studios LTD. Working on game production and commissioned projects, we also had great experience running workshops with local schools, Dare to be Digital and Princes Trust, teaching children and young adults about the development process and making their own games.

I discovered the MAXwell Centre in 2014 when I began attending a craft class there. Made to feel at home and supported by the lovely staff, I later became tutor of two craft groups for a time while helping to run the Centre's social enterprise; MAXcrafts. Creativity greatly aids mental well-being in many ways and I believe it should be easily accessible to everyone. Having worked with a variety of people in different areas, I support open and friendly environments that encourage skillshare; bringing people together. I joined the board in 2016, keen to help others as much as I can with my experiences.




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