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At the end of 2012, the Maxwell Centre identified an opportunity to develop a community green space. We transformed the builders’ yard behind our building from a vacant and derelict lot into a community garden, with an array of raised beds, allotments, a polytunnel, orchard, seating areas, and a building used for education and garden therapy activities.

The garden provides access to growing facilities in an area of the city where access to green spaces is limited. Many of the children who visit the centre for regular workshops have little access to gardens, the Maxwell Information Centre provides children with educational opportunities relating to food production, healthy living, the environment, and ecology.

The development of the garden has led to a large increase in visitor numbers. Many of the groups which meet in the centre use the garden to produce fresh fruit and vegetables, and as a way to socialise and relax. Fresh produce from the garden is used to make healthy soup which is regularly made available to centre visitors.

This project was made possible by funding from the following organisations:

The following organisations provided us with essential assistance in making our project a reality:

We have worked in collaboration with the following groups in order to ensure the garden benefits the whole community:



Everyone's kitchen-Adult Cooking group


Previously known as “Tend and share”, the adult cooking group evolved into Everyone’s kitchen.  “Tend and share” became an autonomous group who was meeting at the Maxwell Centre (prior Covid).  

The Adult Cooking Group runs twice a week, on Thursday and Friday from 11am to 1pm in the Community Centre (or Community Garden, depending on restrictions). All diets are welcome! 

Everyone’s kitchen offers the chance to roam in the garden to harvest the ingredients needed, to identify and get more familiar with vegetables and herbs and to discover new flavours. Edibles flowers have been a success as they brighten your table, you dish and your heart! 

Participants get together and cook a different menu every week which reinforce the cooking skills and the confidence. Sharing a homemade meal brings empowerment and social interaction which is what the Maxwell Centre in aiming for. Leftovers can be taken home but it didn’t happen often!  

Participants, coming from different backgrounds, are encouraged to come up with ideas of menu and to share their cooking experiences 

Despite the situation faced in 2020-2021, we found new ways to deliver those sessions: a barbeque has been set up in the garden allowing the participants to enjoy warm meal and to realise that even with very little equipment they achieved to make great meals! 

Volunteer sessions (coming soon)

Family and toddler group (coming soon)

Growing support for individuals and communities (coming soon)

Workshops and event (coming soon)

Harvest boxes during the growing season (coming soon)

Tool and seed library (coming soon)



Grow Dundee

Through this blog, we aim to connect people in Dundee who grow fruit, veg and herbs and forage in and around the city. Have a look!





Sharing not Hoarding exhibition

Sharing not Hoarding is part of the Botanical  Migrations, a new public artwork made in collaboration with gardeners @TheMaxwellCentre @Ninewellsgarden in Dundee. The recipes shared by local gardeners inspired a series of bespoke repeat-pattern posters combining delicate botanical drawings with traditional tile patterns. The exhibition will be on show at Slessor Gardens Dundee from 22nd Jan - 26th March 2021. To have a read at all the fabulous story, it's here!




MAXhour (coming soon)

Tactic Urbanism (coming soon)


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